What is Lead?

The first degree designed with the beauty professional in mind

To create future professionals and leaders for this fast-growing industry, ROLFS has partnered with L’Oreal, Arizona State University (ASU), and Mesa Community College (MCC), and is proud to launch the first-ever college & university degree designed specifically for beauty professionals.

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Apply in 3 Easy Steps

Associate’s Degree (MCC)

  1. Contact Lead
  2. Apply to MCC
  3. Enroll in classes

Bachelor’s Degree (ASU)

  1. With an (AAS) contact Lead
  2. Apply to ASU
  3. Enroll in classes

Enrollment Deadlines

Aug 15th

Fall/Winter Enrollment

Jun 1st

Spring/Summer Enrollment

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Elevating the beauty industry to the next level

There has never been a more perfect time to elevate the industry and the idea of what being a salon professional or salon owner could be.



Rolfs invests in the beauty professionals of the future by providing scholarships, empowering them to transform their lives. Rolfs has awarded over one million dollars in scholarship to beauty professionals, enabling them to enter into the workforce and enjoy a whole new level of financial success, personal fulfillment, and happiness.

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    Our Partners

    ROLFS Global CEO, Francis Tesmer, in collaboration with Mesa Community College (MCC) and Arizona State University (ASU), have pioneered the creation and development of a revolutionary higher-education program powered by L’Oreal USA for beauty professionals that is the first of its kind worldwide.